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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Red's First Threesome!

I had my eye on Steve for at least 6 months,(he being 6ft 5 blonde great smile, me being 5ft 9 red hair, and cindi being 5 ft 4 blonde) me and Cindi finally got him to come out with us one night. We were all really drunk and having a good time at the bar, me and steve started talking about sex. We ended up going outside behind the bar and Have sex. He had me up against the wall and pulled my pants down and got me from behind. We went back in and cindi and me started talking about having a threesome. The special was over at the bar so we went to her house. Me and Cindi sat on her bed and Steve watched from a bean bag chair. We took eachothers clothes off and started kiss and carressing eachother boobs. She pushed me back and started eating me out. We both sat up and looked at Steve and asked him to join us. He started kissing my boobs and playing with Cindi's cunt while she continued to eat me out. We switched and she got on top of steve and I was kissing her nipples and playing with Steve's balls. I finally got on top and rode him hard. Cindi was playing with my nipples and biting steve. We went on for a few hours sucking and fucking. Me and steve are still together and have crazy wild sex almost everynight. Cindi somehow became the town whore. Who would have thought!

Yolanda Was My First

This is about the first time I did anything sexual with a girl. I was 15 and in the 9th grade. In this one class this Mexican girl named Yolanda sat next to me. Like all 15 year old boys, my hormones were running wild. Yolanda was a very pretty girl and as she sat next to me her skirt would ride up her legs showing lots of her tan colored beauty. Although I'd never felt a girl under her dress before, I instinctively knew it would feel good. I take a glance down at her legs every chance I could and would often end up getting a big hard on right there in the class room. After school, I'd run home to my garage hang out and would jerk myself off thinking about Yolanda and what I'd love to do with her. Then, one day, things happened. Yolanda caught me looking down at her and day dreaming. Of course, my cock was rock hard in my pants and she noticed it. Yolanda ask me what I was looking at. I turned red in the face and said "nothing". Yolanda said "You like my legs, don't you? I can tell" as she looked straight at my crotch. I looked down there and saw what she was looking at. I had a bulge from hell showing. She then said "I can do you something if you want". I didn't know what she was talking about. She then showed me the jerk off movement with her hand! I couldn't believe it. She was offering me a hand job! I ask her "You will"? She said "After school". I didn't think the school day would ever end and I ran around with a hard on most of the rest of the day just thinking about what was going to happen after school. 3:30 FINALLY came and I waited outside the front door for Yolanda to come out. She finally showed up and just the sight of her brought me to an instant hard on again. We wnt to my house and into my garage hand out. Yolanda then told me that a cousin had showed her how to give hand jobs years ago. I closed the door and stood there. Yolanda said "Well, take off your pants". I quickly and nervously undid them and took them off. I was so excited. There I was showing a girl my cock for the first time! I went over a sat on my cot I had out there. Yolanda sat next to me all the while looking at my hard cock. She then reached over and put her hand around my cock. I jumped with excitment. I then reached over and put my hand on Yolanda's leg feeling a girl's leg for the first time. It was so soft just like I knew it would be. Yolanda then went to doing what her cousin had taught her. Between Yolanda seeing and touching my cock and my feeling her leg was more than I could take and I blew in just a few seconds. I'd never cum so much or so hard as I did then. This was just our first. Yolanda often went home with me after this and I got to see and feel my first pussy as well as get her hand jobs. We knew better than to "do it" as much as we wanted to. But, I sure did get my share of feeling up her fantastic tan colored body and have her give me her fantastic hand jobs all that year. Sure beat my doing it myself with nothing like she had to feel. And, take it from me. Those Mexican girls have fantastic looking and feeling bodies. I know! And I've also learned since then that they also have some of the best pussy there is!


My first time with Dave was well...interesting. he was the fourth perso id ever slept with. it was the second time i had met him, approx 24 hours after the first time we met. i went over to his house with my friend. he bf was freinds with dave so he was there too. they took his room and i knew they were doing it. dave and i sat in his living room. we were drinking a bit. we started making out. he went to lay down on the couch when i sugested we go into his room. so we walked in on my friend n her bf, kicked them out n took over the room. dave had a hard time undoing my pants so i helped him out, also removing my underwear. he took off his pants and we went at it. half way thorgh, my fried n her bf came in saying something about how now it was there turn to interup us. and so they layed on at the end of the bed and began to also have sex. it may seem awkwar but it surprisingly wasnt. i ended up having to leave before he or i got a chance to finish. but we had plenty of time to make it up to eachother bc as of now we r still together and have been for the past year and a half!

in the park

I was 15. I wanted to have sex just to do it. When i was 13 i have "gone out" with this guy ryan. by that i mean he can over n watch tv wit me and when we would leave the house, we would hold hands. but n e ways, he wasnt a really classy guy so i figured he'd be willing to help me out (ming ou i didnt tellhim this. infact i lead him to believe i had had sex many times before). so i called him up and arranged to met with him after school at a park near my house. the plan was to sugest going back t his house but he aid his mom was off work. i was determined to do it so i hinted and he caught on. i was wearing a skirt and so he reached up it and bega to run his fingers over my underwear. he then began to finger me. he then pulled me ontop of him so i was stradling him. he flipped his penis out of his shorts and went to put it in. he asked if it was in and bc i didn know whether it was or not i stupidly said " well its attached to u isnt it" god the thought of that still embarasses me! so n e ways he got it and and we did it for about 10 minutes until he finished. i noticed some ppl at the other end of the park but no one seemd to notice us. i got off him. we sat there for a bit. he looked at his fingers and saw blood. i made something up about how i have a thin uterus wall (sounded like a real medical conition to me...an apparently to him as well. i didnt want him to know it was my firs ttime and i really dont think he did. I knew i had to be home by 5 for dinner so i simply got up, said i had to go and walked away. i had sex with him again about a week ater and have never seen or spoken to him since. to all you girls out there, dont rush. youll find out what its like when your ready. and besides you first time is nothing like what sex ends up being like.


pada waktu tu aku dgn tunangku pergi bersiar-siar.memang kami pernah tidur bersama sebelum ni.aku memang sayang sangat dengan dia.dia pandai memuaskan aku. pengalaman ni terjadi diawal perkenalanku dengannya.waktu itu dia sedang frust dengan kekasih lama.akulah pengubat rindu..mulanya dia meraba pahaku.aku yg telah lama dahagakan belaian lelaki membiarkan saja.dari paha ia naik ke prut ke dan trus ke tetek ku...tetek ku diramas sambil dia menarik kepala ku.kami bercium.lidahnya bertaut dengan lidahku....betapa nikmatnya ku rasa... mulutnya makin turun ke lehar,kemudian dia menyelak bajuku.... ku menepis.ku mengajak dia ke hotel. selepas kami daftar masuk.dia terus bawa aku ke bilik.aku masuk dulu smbil dia mengunci pintu bilik.terus dia memeluk ku.kami bercium lagi.kali ani aku menanggalkan bajunya.dia membaringkan aku di katil.trus aku ditindih.smbil berkucupan dia membuka baju dan coli ku. terus dia memghalakn mulutnya ke tetekku. ahahahahahah sedapnya abg.... jilat lg abg......... mulut5nya terus trun ke perutku dan terus ke kemaluanku....... aku membuka kangkangku supaya mudah ia melihat kemaluan ku. jari jemarinya bermain dia kelentik ku...... ahahaha megeliat kesedapan aku..... tanpa ku sangka dia menjilat pantat ku. aku memang betul2 terangsang..... dia menjilat pantat ku dengan begitu lama.aku mengeliat kesedapan. dia menjilat sehingga ku klimaks utk kali pertama. kemudian aku menariknya.kami bercium lagi....kemudian aku melucutkan pakaiannya dan seluarnya. aku bermain dengan teteknya.dia terlalu stim.aku jilat sambil tangan ku bermain dengan anunya. setelah puas aku turun ke anunya. aku kulum dan jilat puas21. dia dah tak keruan. telurnya pun aku kulum..... ah sedapnya abg.tak tahan.......... aku minta agar ia fuck aku.... ia pn terus bangun dan menindih aku........dibukanya kelangkangku.. dah tak tertahan abg.............cepat abg ayng dah tak tahan ni.abg terus menjolok2 anunya mencari lubangku.aku membantu supaya lebih cepat. abg berjumpa dengan lubangku.ditusuknya perlahan2.kemudian ditariknya.... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhahahaaaahhhhhhhhhsedapnya abg........... cepat lagi abg .....ayng dah tak tahan ni............ kami melakukan dalam pelbagai posisi.......... sehingga tak tertahan ku klimaks untuk kali kedua.... abg tak smpai kemuncak lagi.ku membantu ia sehingga kami sama2 ingin memcapai kemuncak bersama............ku peluk erat tubuhnya...............kami sama2 memancutkan air mazi bersama.............. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh nikmatnya............kami keletihan.........tetapi malam itu adlah malam kami bersama.....kami megulang projek sampai ke pagi............. kini setiap kali pertemuan mesti kami puaskan nafsu masing.............. alhamdulillah ujung tahun ni kami bernikah.......tak la kami memendam rasa untuk melepaskan rindu dan kasih dhati..........


This is not a story about my first sexual experience, but rather the first time I ever gave instructions in sex.

I loved my brother very much, and it upsset me to see him in such misery in his early marriage. Jo, his wife, was equally unhappy. They were really made for each other; looked like the ideal young married couple. However it was obvious that their inexperience with sex was driving a wedge between them.

Now I have been around the block a few times, even at age nineteen, so I decided that I would try to help them. One evening I dropped in on them as I did often. This time I brought a big jug of coffee brandy. We proceeded to get smashed and then I brought up the subject of sex; telling them a few of my fun adventures.

Eventually they confessed their unhappiness at the Wham-Bam missionary position they used. Neither was getting anything but physical release. I know that Greg was and I suspected that Jo wasn't even getting that.

So I asked Greg if he performed oral sex on Jo. He stated that he didn't because he didn't think she would like it and because he had never done that with anyone. They both were virgins when they got married. Jo said she had heard about that but was afraid to bring it up because she didn't want Greg to think she was a slut.

I asked Jo if she would let me show Greg how to do it on her. The booze was having the desired effect because after much hesitation she agreed. I undressed her in the manner I like to be undressed by a lover. By the time she was naked she was wet and breathing hard. I laid her on her back and spread her legs; told Greg to get close and showed him what a clit looked like. Then I proceeded to demonstrate how to eat pussy. Jo was trembling all over when Greg took over. Watching my brother eat his wife made me extremely horny. Jo screamed and grab Greg's
head and pull it into her cunt hard as she exploded. Geg and I licked her clean.

Jo was breathless as she told us that was her first climax - ever. Greg beamed all over.

I asked Jo if she had ever given Greg a blow job. The answer was no. I told Greg to shed his clothes. Jo said it was the first time she had ever seen his hard cock in the light. I instructed her to get on her knees and start licking it. She was very tenative; you know, like she was afriad of it.

So I got down beside her and said I had always wanted to suck my brother's cock. Greg tried to back away, but I grabbed his balls and held him until I got his prick inside my mouth. He surrender to the feeling. So I made Jo repeat everything I did. Lick the shaft. Lick the balls. suck the balls. run the tongue around the underside of the crown and then take the whole cock in the mouth and suck on it. Jo and I gave Greg his first blowjob; a real team effort. When he came I took his cum in my mouth and then proceeded to kiss Jo and pass some of it to her. She said it wasn't too bad.

By this time we were very comfortable with each other and so when Jo asked if she could try cunt eating on me I agreed. She undressed me as I had her and after a few minutes was eating pussy like an old pro. Greg joined her and between the two drove me to a shatttering climax.

In subsquent sessions, I wetn through all the fine points of making love; atmosphere, moods, positions, timing, etc. Jo, Greg and I still enjoy our threesome. Do I feel gulty? Not one fucking bit.

friendly threesome

One of my best friends at the time, Nicki, was going out with another one of my friends, Don. We had all been friends for a while. In fact, I had had a crush on Don and we had been together before he started going out with Nicki. Frankly, I did not like them together, so when I found out that they were having sex, I was none too pleased!
Both Nicki and Don are born in September, and jokingly, Nicki said that she wanted a threesome for her 18th birthday. And she wanted me in it! Don mentioned this to me, also in a joke, but as we started discussing scenarios the idea grew on us and soon we were making plans. Nicki and I went to school together and we spent a couple lunch times talking about it. Don's parents were going out of town for the coming weekend. The date was set. The plans were made: I would go home with Nicki after school on Friday, and we would shower (not together) and then go by Don's house. It bothered me that the two of them did not seem to mind me in their sexual lives, even though they were together and because of the obvious conflict of interest, ie the past relationship with me and Don.
Friday came. The plans were still on. I went home with Nicki. I took a shower, excited and nervous about what we planned. I was naked in her room, when she barged in. I did not expect her, since one of the "rules" was that we would not do anything without Don. She complimented me on my body. She did not leave, however. She walked over to me and touched my breasts. I quivered with pleasure. Her hands were soft and small and as her hands explored my body, I came to enjoy them more than I had any guy's. This scared me a bit. We kissed softly and slowly, our tongues met and our kissing got deep and harder. We were interupted by the telephone - it was Don wanting to know what time we were coming over. While Nicki was on the phone, I quickly dressed. Immediately after, we left to go over by Don's house.
It was kind of awkward at first, and we sat around and watched porn. Then Don started rubbing my leg. I was surprised that he touch me before he touched his girlfriend, but I liked the attention and obviously making Nicki jealous. His hand moved further up my thigh and he started kissing me. Soon, he unbottoned my top and gently caressed my breasts, playing with my nipples. He stopped and moved over to Nicki and kissed her. She took off her clothes and reached for his cock. He pulled away from her and returned to me, and continued to remove my clothes. Then Nicki came over to me and kissed me. Don stopped to watch us, with a huge smile on his face. Nicki moved down lower and sucked my breasts. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Don jerking off as he watched us. I was still feeling a bit awkward about the whole situation when Nicki put my hand on her breast and guided my mouth towards them. Don came back to us (well to me) and started fingering me, while Nicki sucked his dick. I decided to really get into this threesome and join Nicki sucking his cock and balls. He enjoyed this immensely and so did Nicki and I! Don soon came and Nicki drank his fluids. After this, we stopped and went back to watching the porn - naked. Then Nicki started rubbing my inner thigh and slipped her finger inside my pussy. It felt wonderful and i soon started fingering her too. Next thing I knew, she was licking my clit and fingering me. I moaned softly and enjoyed her soft tongue as it explored me. I returned the favour and tasted her pussy. Don got so excited that he begged to fuck one of us. Since I was sucking Nicki's cunt, Don entered my pussy hole and started riding me. Then he fucked Nicki.
The next week we went back to school like nothing happened!